Still no information – wrong information – incomplete information at NAIA

Blind in NAIA

It is true that in Manila’s NAIA airport with its 4 terminals it is difficult to find any valid information.

One of our readers sent us the following message:

I have been searching the net to check which airport terminal arrivals can be
found. Since I fly at least once a year locally or internationally, I assumed
I knew which terminal serviced what. So it was frustrating to look for my
friend in Terminal 1 when she arrived from Japan aboard All Nippon Air.
NH 949 on May 3.

We were frantic because she couldnt call us on her cell for some strange
reason and she said she was in Bay 8. After almost an hour of searching
we chanced upon an employee collecting the trolleys who told us NH had
used terminal 3.
On the Naia website there is no record of which terminal to go to and the map is still outmoded showing Pal Express and Cebu Pacific as the onll ones using terminal 3.
NOw she is leaving and there is no indication where we are to bring her.
Unfortunately she is flying out on a different airline – Thai airways and
again it says Terminal 1. I want to make sure because we may not be so
lucky with traffic. I cant even determine where to!
I write this feedback hence it lands here hoping to reach the right people.
Ano ba??????

There is still a lot of work to do in the Philippines Tourism and Transportation.
Correct and updated information is a must.

The only way to gather correct and real-time information is to go to the place.
This is why we often spend half a day in Manila and Cebu airport only to see with our own eyes what has changed.

Blind in NAIA

Your ultimate guide to and in Manila’s NAIA? Whistle 

No, Silent Gardens has published a series of Manila Airport Guides:

Manila Airport Guides Link
Manila Arrival Guide Link
Manila Transfer Guide Link
Manila Departure Guide Link
and more …

But Silent Gardens needs your input and feedback. Please do not hesitate to write us.

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