Planted Bullets in Manila Airport (NAIA)?

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  1. mike spaulding says:

    There are now four people, not all americans. the philippine government workers are notoriously corrupt. Coincidence that there are always one or two .22 caliber bullets? coincidence that it is always 30,000 PHP they seek to take form the passenger to make the problem go away? The problem with corruption in PH is why PH is poor. US was at war with Vietnam and a free trade agreement is being debated right now in US Congress. Where is the free trade agreement with PH? I will tell you – it will never be as long as corruption is how the country works. We now wrap our luggage to avoid these pieces of shit that should never have jobs in the first place. If anyone claims you have bullets – first thing, turn on the video of your phone, not to record video, but to get the voice recorded when they try to extort 30k PHP. Then demand the CVCC be secured. Then phone the Manila TV channel. Make sure you get the name of the accusing officer – that is the corrupt officer.

  2. Balisawsaw says:

    The pasay judge shoul also be invetigate as a an accomplished in NAIA. They should alarm that a 22 cal bullet was victimazing passenger not one one but in hundreds

  3. jack says:

    I’m was going to come to manilla to see a girl , but with this bullet crap going on so much I’ve been told to go to cebu and take the ferry to manilla , it’s my first time out of the country so I’m stressed enough without having a bullet planted on me and paying or going to jail , that being said I’ll have her come to cebu and spend my money there , how’s that manilla ,

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