SM Mall of Asia – the NAIA transfer luggage alternative

SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

NAIA transfer luggage meaning where to leave your luggage during a transfer between Manila Airport’s 4 terminals. In our Manila Transfer Guide we describe a solution for those who have at least 5 hours transfer time: the SM Mall of Asia.

Yesterday we got a mail from an Australian reader who tried to locate the luggage hold in SM Mall of Asia. On the mall’s website one can find an interactive map called store locator.  Unfortunately they do not display the position of the Package Pick-up Service on their maps.

We just put the missing position on the map:

SM-MOA Package Pick-up Service

Taxi drivers coming from Manila’s Airport (NAIA) can drive down the south wing end then turn right on the first intersection. From inside the mall you can get easily to the Package Pick-up Service. Leave the mall at the Ice Skating Rink and then turn right. The counter is only a few steps away.

The Package Pick-up Service is open from 10 a.m. to midnight.

The one-way taxi ride from NAIA to SM-MOA and vice-versa costs about PHP 150 and lasts some 20 minutes. Beware of the rush hours between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. when you may need an hour for the same trip.

We’ll update our Manila Transfer Guide as soon as possible with this NAIA transfer luggage solution.


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  1. Romer says:

    Can we leave our baggage for one week?

  2. Miss Allene says:

    Is it free?

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