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Nomen est Omen 0

Nomen est Omen

The Philippines and Dante – seems to be a love/hate relationship! Not a month ago, Francis Tolentino, chairman of Metro Manila Development Authority, got sick about Dan Browns last novel “Inferno” because Brown linked Manila...

Low Pressure Area has turned north to northwest 0

Low Pressure Area has turned north to northwest

As predicted, the Low Pressure Area over the  Philippine Sea has changed its moving direction and is now heading  north to northwest at 15 km/h. Its current center position is 628 km East of Legazpi City. The central...

Weather-2013-06-06 0

Low Pressure Area is growing and intensifying

The Low Pressure Area (LPA) called 97W is growing and intensifying. The pressure inside the system went down to 1006 hPa. The LPA is almost stationary. There seems to be a trend that its...

Weather-2013-06-06 1

Weather could get nasty

A Low Pressure Area (LPA) called 97W has formed east of the Philippines. Its pressure is still high (1008 hPa) and it is not yet organized. But beginning circular movements are visible on the...

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