The new maps are on-line

Silent Gardens Maps NOW!

Comparing maps is mostly useful – but it is, no has been, a silly job. We have created a new page called Philippines Maps. 

On-line map providers have different data sources and styles. They also update their maps and satellite images with specific intervals.
Your problem was to open 2 or 3 different maps and then zoom-in the same region. This is the past! With our all-in-one map, you simply switch between providers and styles.

Move around in the map and zoom in and out. If the position is OK, you may want to see the terrain style or a satellite image. Simply choose the new style from the menu.

Try it now!

Silent Gardens Maps NOW!

Silent Gardens Maps NOW!

Silent Gardens Maps NOW!

Silent Gardens Maps NOW!

And if you like, spread the word, send the link to friends and tag us.

By the way, it’s my finger on the map. Ha Ha

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