The Cebu Tiger – Customers pay the bill

PALexpress 2014-02-22

Has the big cleanup begun in the Philippines airline industry?

A few hours after the CAB, the Civil Aeronautics Board, had approved the take-over of Tiger Air Philippines by Cebu Pacific Air, the industry reacts violently.

Cebu Pacific Air nearly immediately put new fares on-line. The fuel surcharge incrases at least 10% and the add-ons also. Be careful when booking.

But worse, the only real competitor in the market, Philippine Airlines with PALexpress,  published this afternoon reduced flight schedules.

PALexpress 2014-02-22


Quo vadis Philippines?

I’ll eat my first Balut now! So I’ll know whether I’ll stay in the Philippines with all their BIR, CAAP, CAB, MIAA, LTO, BI and other funny agencies.

If I survive, I’ll write tomorrow, maybe … hahaha

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