3 Forms to enter the Philippines – Immigration, Customs and Quarantine

3 Forms to enter the Philippines

3 Forms to enter the Philippines are now needed to get inside the Philippines. Useful! We hope they master the paperwork.

3 Forms to enter the Philippines

Tourist are used to the paperwork they encounter when entering many countries. Up to now you only had to fill in 2 forms: The immigration’s arrival card and the customs declaration

And really sorry, we do not know which of the below forms will be distributed on your flights. Although the Philippines do have a big, very big, administration, regulations are very often very foggy.


You have to choose:

We do not know which form is currently distributed

3 Forms to enter the Philippines - Quarantine
Some information in this form is really useful. Flight number and seat number can be used to find your neighborhood in the plane. Also the local phone number can be useful for contacting you. The residence address is rather hopeful, because PHLpost is awfully slow. 
Your nationality, your sex and your birth date aren’t needed. But you find them on any form here.

But there is a second form!

3 Forms to enter the Philippines - Quarantine

This seems to be an old form. The countries rather refer to SARS and MERS viruses. But one never knows here in the Philippines. There might be an old stock of forms. Administration is heavily working, but communication is rather slow.

3 Forms to enter the Philippines – fill them in!

We strongly recommend to fill the forms in correctly. If the DOH (Department of Health) really works  and if your data is really put in a working data-base, then you might be informed about your exposure to the Corona virus.

Unfortunately Philippines’ offices are known to stock papers during years. PHLpost stored my letters for more than 2 years and termites had their fun to eat official letters of my home country. This had also been my pleasure. They were tax forms …

Local politicians also are aware of this danger. A sample from Camiguin island:

3 Forms to enter the Philippines  - Camiguin policy


We wish all travelers good luck. This virus is strange. The Flue virus seems to be much more dangerous in Europe and the USA. . But the 2019 novel corona virus tricks medical staff and researchers. Some researcher say that it cannot survive 5 hours out of a living body, others say that it can be virulent during 9 days on a door handle.
Be careful but stay reasonable. 


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4 Responses

  1. TravelAround says:

    This comment is related to your photo of that form from Camiguin. I traveled to Camiguin during the first week of February 2020 and there was no warning in Jagna, Bohol that Camiguin was banning some tourists. I arrived with 60 other tourists in Balbagon, Camiguin at 5 pm (there is only 1 trip per day) and went through a little interview at the port. They wanted to find out where you had traveled in the past 90 days. I showed the official my passport and said I’ve been in the Philippines for the past 90 days. She said they have a new executive order and anyone who has been to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau (even for a layover) cannot be admitted to the island. I said I had been in Taiwan over 100 days ago, but showed her my entry stamp to the Philippines. I had been in the Philippines since October 2019. Apparently she could not count. In her mind, 100 days was less than 90 days and I was at risk to infect others. The coronavirus could stay in your body up to 14 days before you start getting symptoms. I’m not sure how they came up with 90 days, but I was far out of the danger zone according to medical science. I was about to find out that Camiguin does not trust medical science and only trusts the “science” that they make up. I was escorted to a holding area with 7 other foreigners. After 5 minutes, a “doctor” walked in wearing jeans and a t-shirt and was holding a stethoscope. I don’t even think he was a real doctor. He explained that we could all be carrying the virus and we had to get on the 8 am ferry back to Jagna. We were allowed to stay 1 night. The tourists in the holding area were not happy about this. People said these things to the “doctor” but he would not budge: “Why weren’t we told this in Jagna before we got on the ferry?” “I’ve been in Manila for 25 days with no symptoms, so I don’t have the virus and should be allowed to stay.” “I’m a doctor in my home country and what you’ve just told us is not backed up by medical science.” “Camiguin will reimburse me for my travel expenses.” He was going to release 8 tourists that potentially had the virus to his island, thus possibly infecting taxi drivers, restaurant workers, hotel staff, the ferry crew, and even the “doctor” himself. This was very illogical and incompetent on his part. I asked him why I was detained, and when he found out I had been in the Philippines for over 3 months, he said I was free to go. A rare moment of reason flashed before his eyes. I got up and left. The same Camiguin official who told me to go to the holding area now had to give me an entry card to the island. Take THAT you incompetent lady employee. Anyways, on leaving the island, nobody checked the entry card to see if I had overstayed or not. The whole process was a waste of time. If the “doctor” and governor were really concerned about protecting the island, turn tourists away at Jagna, Bohol. That form you posted was the same one they gave me. You can see that the governor misspelled his own country (Philippine vs Philippines in the WHEREAS section) and he should have written “has traveled” in Section 2. Does the incompetence start from the top and then filter down to the officials at the port? In my experience, yes it does.

    • waebi says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback.
      The whole world is exposed to panic. No government on this planet is prepared to this exception.
      To be frank, I feel much more sure on this little 3rd world Island than in any country of the so called 1st world.
      I understand you being upset, There are many upset people now all over the world.

      Just look at the 1st world’s top politicians. They look as a bunch of chickens when a fox peeps in their hut. They flutter and cluck.
      I hope you’re now out off the island, even off the Philippines.
      I wish you good luck back home.
      Stay safe.
      Cheers, waebi

  2. Jerry W Herold says:

    Can a USA spouse of a Philippines wife get a 13A visa from the Philippines in the Philippines Consulate in Washington, DC?

    • waebi says:

      Hi Jerry,
      We do not think that this is possible. But call the Philippines embassy in the USA:

      Address: 1600 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States
      Phone: +1 202-467-9300

      Cheers, waebi

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