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New Administration - Immigration

New Administration – it seems that Change has really come. Silent Gardens does not comment Philippine’s politics. But our own experiences and feedback from our readers make us believe, that something has positively changed.

New Administration

Here is an excerpt of two e-mails we got this week from a reader of our visa page. We just have removed the name and the e-mail address for privacy reasons. The copy is genuine.

Mail 1:

Hi.I went to Intramuros today to extend my 12 month visa for another 6 months. I already have an ACR card. I printed the form before I left and handed it in when I got there at 8.05. At 8.10 I paid 7300 php and at 8.55 i collected my passport. No need for passport pictures, photocopies or anything. Just the 1 easy form and your passport are now needed. very easy very quick.

We just sent a thank you message. Such information keeps our website up to date. Then we got a follow-up …

Mail 2:

I was honestly really pleasantly surprised and shocked.
I had been there 6 months ago and went armed with photocopies of my passport, entry stamp, visas, acr card. Also a long form that needed to be completed. It took nearly 2 hours.
This time I went armed with the same things, but the immigration officer didn't even look at them and handed them straight back to me. She just keptthe form and my passport. There were no queues and it could not have been any quicker.
I asked the officer how come and she said that President Duterte had instructed them to speed things up, lessen the paperwork and also lessen the prices.
I hope this carries on through all the various departments now.

Sounds really good. We very much appreciate the straight forward approach of our reader.

Have you also experienced differences between the old and the new administration? If so, please send us your positive and negative comments and please do not comment the Philippine politics. We won’t publish such comments.


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2 Responses

  1. wayne says:

    The Extensions Sequence on your visa and extension page the math is wrong on some of the prices please check them . Maybe someone else will not take the time to do the math.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Wayne,
      Thank you for your message.
      We’ll review the visa page and correct the maths where needed.
      May take some time, because we’re traveling until January.
      Cheers, waebi

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