Philippines Customs – nothing to declare

Philippines Customs Declaration

The Philippines Bureau of Customs announced that there will now be two lanes at airports for incoming passengers, one for those who have “nothing to declare”, and one for those who have with them goods that are subject to import duties or taxes.

Until now, all travelers had to fill in this customs form. See also our Manila Airport Arrival GuidePhilippines Customs Declaration

Since yesterday, April 16, 2014, passengers entering the Philippines now have the option not to fill in the customs declaration form, provided they have nothing to declare.

Under the new order, which will initially be implemented at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), and at Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA), inbound passengers can choose between two lanes.

The green lane is for those with “nothing to declare”, meaning they do not have items in their baggage that are subject to duties and taxes, can be brought in duty free and are not subject to any import prohibition, regulation or restriction.

On the other hand, the red lane is for passengers who bring in goods that are subject to import duties or taxes, are above the exempted Customs limits, or are prohibited, controlled or regulated by several statues.

Customs Commissioner John P. Sevilla said: “Streamlined processes at international airports are part of the reforms we are undertaking at the Bureau. The dual-channel will help simplify our security and risk management protocols, shorten clearance procedures and reduce the long lines and waiting time for customs clearance”.


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1 Response

  1. Andrew Synnuck says:

    Lol!! Arrived from Bangkok last week on PAL,nothing to declare,Green Lane,and guess what they were collecting at the desk? Yes,Custom Declaration Forms!
    Checked in at the PAL desk next day for Caticlan,where a very helpful desk clerk told me what I already knew,that I would have to pay for my suitcase to be checked in(have you ever been on holiday for 2 weeks with hand luggage?!)
    9kg @ P200=P1800,but Sir if you want to save money go to the Cashier Desk,and you will only pay P700. Thank you I said,lifting my case off the scales,No Sir,we check it in here,I will give you a receipt. But what about my Boarding Pass? Oh you have to come back here with another receipt from the Cashier,20 desks down the line,where I met a bewildered American couple,who I helped,and a kind older Filipina who looked at us with arms raised in disbelief,and said to us I can only apologise for my country!! Eventually I proceeded to Departure Gate,which had a different number on the TV monitor to that on the ticket!
    I take the vagaries of travel in the Philippines with a shrug of my shoulders,but
    what damage is it doing to tourism here,in a very competitive S.E.Asian market??

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