AirAsia Philippines begins regional flights in October

AirAsia Philippines plans to begin regional flights starting next month.

AirAsia Philippines may start flights to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau by the end of next month once it gets regulatory approval and will acquire its second Airbus A320 by November.

AirAsia’s CEO said: “The Philippines has great potential in tourism, as our country has so much to offer. With AirAsia Philippines, we hope to increase the number of tourist arrivals. This is good for the community in Clark as well as Northern and Central Luzon as they can benefit in various areas including hospitality, retail and entertainment.”
Read the full article in the Manila Bulletin {#link}



{#oops} The idea is good, even very good. But what do we do here with all those new tourists? Infrastructure is still missing nearly everywhere in the country. A tourist only once hears “Sorry, no ferry today” and he never comes back. And even worse, he tells the story to his family, friends and business partners.

{#oops} Again. Missing infrastructure is one thing. Terminal fees, taxi and tricycle rip-offs are another story.

When does the government understand that we first have to clean up (not only the toilets in NAIA {#wistle}) and then can say “Mabuhay” to tourists?

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