Zest Air – some nasty insider news

Zest Air – forget them!

Last Saturday, February 9 a Zest Air A-320 should have flown from Kalibo (Panay) to Taipey. The aircraft was not operatoinal and the passengers had to wait 12 hours in the terminal of Kalibo airport. Those who know this airport know what the passengers experienced. When the aircraft arrived in Taipey, the passengers stayed in their seats and left only 30 minutes later, after Taipey airport security showed up Angry

Two Zest Air senior pilots (Check Pilots) over-fueled their aircraft twice once in Seoul and once in Shanghai with more than 2 metric tons of fuel. Result: the passengers had both times to wait 90 minutes while the aircraft was being de-fueled. Check pilots! ROFL

RP-C8893, a Zest Air Airbus A320, is parking on the ramp in Manila’s NAIA-4. It cannot fly anymore because it is cannibalized.  This means, it is used as a stock of spare-parts for the still flying A320s of the company. Cry

And now the big bang:

Last week, Tony Fernandez, owner of Air Asia, had a big eye on Zest Air. Insiders think that Zest Air will be sold to Air Asia before end of February 2013. 

Our inside source recommends: 
Stay away from Pest Air – Pest Air – Asia’s most annoying airline

Our recommendations:

  1. Do not book Zest Air until the situation is clarified. You may get stuck somewhere.
  2. If you already have a ticket, get it refunded and if not possible, prepare you for a great adventure. 

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