Bicol Express – The Movie

Philippine National Railway

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    awesome and thx for chairing the video… Its funny that I have already book ticket to fly to Naga 20th of december and take the same ride on 22e …before come to camiguin again for new year–
    but I guess it hard to get the front seat that you had haha
    thx again

  2. waebi says:

    OMG Stefan, you chose the best of the Philippines: Bicol and Camiguin. These are also my preferred places.
    I can’t say anything about the front seat in the locomotive. The girls did the job for me, Butch and Gina.
    But here in the Philippines nothing is impossible – just smile and ask.
    Cheers, waebi

  3. jp serrano says:

    wow! amazing trip! some parts are breathtaking scene of nature! can i watch the whole video for free? please… you can send it to me in google drive because it can send file up to 15gb. please… please…. i feel curious about your amazing trip! and i wish i can watch it for free… hoping for a favorable response, thank you! 🙂

  4. jp serrano says:

    do i have any chances of watching the raw video? i’am a railfan and i live here in albay province in the town of Daraga. (the town before Legazpi city) and our house is near the rail tracks but not adjacent on it and every morning i hear the bicol commuter express. i’am very curious about the conditions of the rails from naga to legazpi and i want to see it. i never had a chance to ride a train even though i live here and have access to ride on it. when i see the video i will be so happy and feels it like i also ride the train. i promise that i won’t disseminate it without your proper consent under republic act 8293 or the intellectual property rights for you owns the video. Thank you and hoping for a favorable response! 🙂

    • waebi says:

      We’ll check. We couldn’t cover any meter of the track. There are some 3 Gigabyte of raw video files.
      Can we meet you in September during the fiesta in Naga City?

      • jp serrano says:

        Ahhh, its okay… i don’t think so.. i don’t go to Naga City during Fiesta because of the volume of people around the city. You cant ride public transportation on the roads and main roads near Churches and you will be forced to walk through the volume of people and heat of the sun. it will be chaotic for me to walk through the crowd. Also, there will be more snatchers so please be careful of your belongings. Also if you have time, please visit my province Albay to enjoy your stay here in Bicolandia. Don’t forget to go Kawa-kawa hill in Ligao city to enjoy majestic views, in Cagsawa to See the gorgeous Mayon Volcano, in Lignon Hill to see the Beauty of Metro Legazpi and Daraga, and You can Enjoy to Ride ATV along with the Mayon lava and rocks trails and Many MORE to see and experience the BEAUTY of Albay! Hope you Enjoy the rest of your time when you visit BICOL again! 🙂

        • waebi says:

          You’re funny. We love the fiesta in Naga. Fortunately we can stay at the family’s place or at friends’ places.
          I very much like Bicol and its beaches and volcanoes. As an avid hiker, I like to go uphill. We visit Bicol every year once or twice.
          * * *
          I’ll check for a solution to transmit this mass of video data. Meanwhile I am finishing the second movie.
          I’ll keep you updated.

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