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It’s really more fun in the Philippines – but not for everybody.

A swindling suspect in Davao got the biggest surprise of his life when he received an unexpected visit from an unlikely person while detained in a Davao City police jail early on Tuesday.

A police report revealed that the suspect was arrested on Monday following several complaints that he has been deceiving informal settlers in Davao City – that they could fulfill their dream of owning a lots in the City for a measly Php 250/month installment plan.

The suspect was even showing off a purported Supreme Court decision affirming that the foundation he represents indeed owns lands that he has been bragging about to lure his victims.

This had been too much for Davao’s Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Early yesterday morning Duterte arrived in the police station and looked for the suspect.

It was during that meeting that Duterte allegedly forced the suspected swindler to eat one of the spurious land titles seized from him.

In front of a man who is feared by suspected criminals like him, the swindler had no choice. Duterte is a known for his tough stand against criminals. And what drew his ire on the incident, according to the source, is that it was the poor residents who fell prey to the suspects’ tricks.

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