Davao airport still closed


The airport of Davao is still closed because the Cebu Pacific Air A-320 is still on the runway.


Photo courtesy of CAAP

Cebu Pacific has the principal responsibility of removing the plane from the area. So Cebu Pacific teams had tried to remove the plane by lifting its nose on a truck bed, then towing it back to the runway but their maneuvers had moved the plane only two meters.

Now the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) took over the plane’s removal from the Davao International Airport’s runway. 

Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and Zest Air had to cancel several flights. Thousands of passengers were stranded in the process. Many of the affected flights were diverted to General Santos City.

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  1. George Weber says:

    If it proves to be true, that it took the CebuPac Crew 27 minutes before they evacuated the disabled plane, this sheds a very doubtful light on their training in respect of emergency procedures. Under normal circumstances one should believe, that passangers would be taken out of the plane as quickly as possible. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/business/06/03/13/gokongwei-says-sorry-cebu-pacific-mishap

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