This is Camiguin – an outstanding video

Camiguin - where else ...

This is Camiguin – an outstanding video about this little island in the Bohol Sea. Take 5 minutes, lean back and enjoy! And if you like the movie, share it. This movie should go viral …

This is Camiguin from Camiguin Unseen on Vimeo.


Camiguin is the real tropical paradise. High volcanoes with natural forests meet the pristine waters of one of the best dive-spots in the Philippines. We consider Camiguin to be the southern outpost of the Visayan Islands although it administratively belongs to Northern Mindanao. Why? The language spoken is Visayan, the culture is neither of the Visayas nor Mindanao.

The name Camiguin is derived from the native word “Kamagong,” a tree of the Ebony family that grows near lake Mainit in the Province of Surigao del Norte. The original inhabitants of Camiguin were “Manobos” who migrated from Surigao. The old native language in Camiguin is called “Kinamiguin,” which is similar to the dialect spoken in Surigao.

What is so outstanding on an island as short as 33km and only 14km wide at its largest point? It is the most peaceful island in the Philippines. Strangers are welcome and hear “Hello Friend” instead of the ugly “Hi Kano” or “Hi Joe”. And very important: The visitors of Camiguin are most respectful, they seek an untouched island with a great variety of landscapes and very friendly hosts. Locals say that Camiguin means “Come Again”.

The topography of Camiguin could have been the stage of “Jurassic Park”. The only missing cast are the T-Rex, but there are the tucos, a gecko out of the same age. Hear the tuco yelling for a mating partner in the evening, you will never forget it.

When you arrive by ship, either from Balingoan (Mindanao) or from Cebu-City (Cebu) or from Jagna (Bohol) the volcano cones make you shiver (that’s fine, because it is rather warm here). Find sandy beaches – white or black, cliffs and high mountains. Camiguin is one of the last islands offering real jungle trekking.

Camiguin is the home of Silent Gardens


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