Camiguin Status Update January 24, 2017

Camiguin Status Update

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  1. Mr Pickles says:

    This page says between 3 to 4 MW per day, either their Diesel plant cant produce 4MW or we use more then 4MW or as I think maybe it can produce 4MW but they can’t afford the Diesel to run it constantly. On the wort day we had 6 hours of electric in Catarman and the best day was 12 hours!

    I do not believe a single word that comes from them, and CAMELCO is just plain BUGUK

    • waebi says:

      I also keep my lips closed when it comes to politics. It’s much better for your health …
      And yes, Camiguin is the only place in the Philippines, where Diesel is much more expensive than gasoline.
      Strange, isn’t it.

  2. qwert says:

    is it possible for Camiguin to have a hydro as a source of energy?

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