Camiguin Status Update January 28, 2017

Camiguin Status Update: Weather Outlook

Camiguin Status Update January 28, 2017: Red Flood Alert

After a wonderful sunny day yesterday, heavy rains started again short after midnight. These downpours are still lasting at 12 noon. PAGASA has issued a red flood alert for northern Mindanao:

Heavy Rainfall Warning No.9A #MIN_PRSD
Weather System: Trough of Low Pressure Area (LPA)
Issued at: 11:10 AM, 28 January 2017
RED: #Camiguin, #MisamisOriental, #Bukidnon, #AgusandelSur, #AgusandelNorte, #SurigaodelSur, #SurigaodelNorte, and #DinagatIslands.
* SERIOUS FLOODING is expected in low lying areas and near river channels and LANDSLIDES in mountainous areas (RED).
YELLOW: #MisamisOccidental, #LanaodelNorte, #LanaodelSur, #CompostelaValley, #DavaoCity, #DavaodelNorte, #DavaoOriental, #Sarangani, #Sulu, #Tawi-Tawi.
* FLOODING is possible in low lying areas and near river channnels and LANDSLIDES in mountainous areas (YELLOW).
Meanwhile, light to moderate #rains affecting portions of #ZamboangadelNorte, #DavaodelSur, #DavaoOccidental, #NorthCotabato, #SouthCotabato, #GeneralSantosCity and #Maguindanao.
* The public and the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council concerned are advised to MONITOR the weather condition and watch for the next advisory to be issued at 1:00 PM today.
* For more information, please call (088)555-0485 and or log on to

Camiguin Status Update: Danger

The soils are soaked by the rains. Any slope on the island can slide down now. Resorts on the shores seem to be save. The waves calmed down since this morning.
Do not go uphill. The waterfalls on the island are an absolute NO GO! We soon will check the status of the circumferential road and the river beds and river channels. A scond report should be available by 4:00 p.m. (If we then have electricity and access to the Internet.

Please check: PAGASA updates

Camiguin Status Update: Challenges

Poor tourists who have booked a week or so on the island. They face nasty weather and almost no bad weather attractions. A resort manager just told us that their guests are starting to get severly annoyed.
Resort owners and managers are challenged. Camiguin is a typical outdoor and nature destination. What can their guests do in such nasty conditions? Maybe diving? As light is very low even at noon time, underwater light does not reach far down. The colors are gone and the fish are lazy. What to do else? Watch a video or two or three? This can safe you for a day, but only if CAMELCO is able to provide your resort with power or if you have a generator strong enough to power all your guests needs.
There are no flights today. Maybe tomorrow morning. But only maybe.

A possibility

Invite elder citizens of Camiguin to tell stories of another time. Maybe you’ll need an interpreter, because many of these wonderful people out of another time do only speak a particular language. It’s a mix of Bisayan and Butuan Tausug.
You may also invite younger people and even local kids. Youngsters can easily communicate and play together. so they can play with their slippers and giggle together. Higher grade school kids usually speak fairly English and can tell your guests about their lives, their families, their ideas and dreams. They would be happy to get a merinda.

Camiguin Status Update: Outlook

Please do not kill me, as they usually do with the messenger of bad news. The satellite photos aren’t promising an improvement of weather conditions.

Camiguin Status Update: Weather Outlook
Camiguin is at the red star. The high humidity (water damp and rain) within the yellow circle will move in during the next 12 to 18 hours. It will continue to rain in Camiguin.

Keep calm and swim on

Camiguin Status Update: Keep calm and swim on

We’re on the road now. We’ll publish some pictures as soon as possible. The camera is in the underwater housing and the car got a BCD…


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