Facebook – it’s more fun in the Philippines

On September 16, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had hinted at the release of a “Dislike” button, saying: “We have an idea that we’re going to be ready to test soon, and depending on how that does, we’ll roll out it more broadly.”

This morning people in the Philippines were probably surprised after logging into their Facebook accounts on Tuesday (November 17) and seeing more ways to express their emotions — it is because Facebook’s “Reactions” feature has made its way to the Philippine shores.

Users simply have to hover the “Like” button and the “Reactions” will show six different emojis users can choose from. The options include the classic Facebook thumbs up to show a “Like,” a red-pink heart for “Love,” a smiley with happy eyes for “Haha,” a eyes-closed smile for “Yay,” a surprised face for “Wow,” a smiley with raised eye brows for “Confused,” a teary-eyed “Sad,” and a fuming-red face for “Angry.”


I just tested it and it works. I now wonder how page statistics will look like.


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