2 Low Pressure Areas queuing up

Weather 2014-07-24

2 Low Pressure Areas queuing up for the Philippines. The two LPAs 96W and 98W are slowly moving westwards. They are still weak with 1006 hPa. They will not develop within the next 24 hours. 

Weather 2014-07-24

In above isobars chart you still find a last hint on MATMO/Henry. This typhoon is now vanishing over mainland China. The 2 new LPAs may bring rainy weather and cloudy skies over the Philippines. LPA 96W is getting disorganized end seems to be no danger, but LPA 98W shows some signs of a beginning cyclone. Forecast for these two systems is still difficult, but we have an eye on them.

Nearly real-time weather information.

We make two satellite imaging loops available, so you can follow the weather development over the whole northern Pacific and the the nearby development.



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