FITOW / Quedan is now a Severe Tropical Storm

Severe Tropical Storm FITOW / Quedan

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) as upgraded FITOW / Quedan to a Severe Tropical Storm. The storm is now moving northwest at 15 km/h. Its central pressure has decreased down to 985 hPa.

At 05:00 a.m. this morning the storm was located  880 km East of Tuguegarao City .  Maximum sustained wind speed is 90 km/h near the center and gusts are up to 120 km/h. Rainfall is extreme with 325 mm in 24 hours.

Severe Tropical Storm FITOW / Quedan

Severe Tropical Storm FITOW / Quedan strongly enhances the south-west monsoon (Habagat).

This morning we wanted go to Cagayan de Oro, but the only two ferries operating this morning had heavy problems with the waves and coast guard did not allow to sail again. So we are staying on our lovely island Camiguin.

Severe Tropical Storm FITOW / Quedan

We keep an eye on Severe Tropical Storm FITOW / Quedan. For more and near real-time information see here:

Old Weather Page Link
New Weather Page Link
New Marine Weather Page Link

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