Travel Tax Payment now on the Internet – no more waiting in line

Travel Tax Philippines

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  1. Jun says:

    I checked the TIEZA website but I can’t find any option to pay online via credit/debit card. So I called their Travel tax unit and I was advised that they are still working on this. This article is misleading.

    • waebi says:

      Hello Jun,
      Thank you very much for your information. Our article isn’t misleading, because back in October 2016 the service existed. We had tested it ourselves.
      Unfortunately we encounter very often such announcements from government agencies and private companies. First a big bang noise and the some crumbles
      left over of the project.
      I will write a new article and include your information.
      Thanks and cheers, webi

  2. roccofort a.delos reyes says:

    What are your partner payment centers? Can inpay it in 7.11? Kindly include in your mail the accredited payment centers. Thank you.

  3. Cebu Tours says:

    Thanks for this helpful post! So informative and it gives me some insights and understandings too. Thank you for sharing this. Now I have the option not to wait in line for my turn. Great post, waebi!

  4. Ei says:

    It’s so sad, I did not receive anything after paying for the tax online.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Ei,

      I hope you have a screen hardcopy of your payment.
      Many projects here in the Philippines do not end successfully because of missing project management and staff fluctuation.
      Just pay the tax at the airport.
      Cheers, waebi

  5. Julie says:

    Magandang umaga po.
    Kahit Anong Oras po ba ng gabi open pa po sa Airport and pagbabayaran ng tax?
    Salamat po

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