Happy Valentine’s Camiguin Style

Happy Valentine's Camiguin Style

Camiguin Style is unique!

We wish you Happy Valentine’s and we do it the Camiguin Style, a day too late but full of lovely and funny surprises.
What, you do not know Camiguin? This small island in the southern Bohol Sea is a wonderful retreat to nature and original Philippine’s lifestyle.

Since we live on the beach in Agoho we always had 2 to 3 couples of wild pigeons. They are Zebra Doves Geopelia striata. One of the couples always courts just out of our veranda. It is funny to watch and hear them.

In January 2019, Madam Dove decided to build a nest on the lowest branch of one of our Champagne Palm trees. This is a rather risky place with all the heavy movements during strong wind. It can also be a very wet place under a heavy tropical downpour. But Madam must have had her reasons.

By end of January she started to breed. One day in early February she flew away for a few minutes and we could see two small white eggs.

Happy Valentine’s to Madam Dove

Yesterday morning, around 9 AM, we observed increased agitation in the Nest. Also Mister Dove joined the nest. Something was happening …

Zebra Doves Happy Valentine's Camiguin Style
Our Zebra Doves – Happy Valentine’s

Mister Dove flew in and out. And around 11 AM we could catch a short glimpse on the newly hatched baby dove. Unfortunately the picture taken is blurred. We’ll try again.

Zebra Doves Happy Valentine's Camiguin Style
Mr. and Mrs. Zebra Dove

It will now last about 20 days until junior will fly. If it’s a boy we’ll call him Valentino. If it’s a girl, she well get the name Valentina.

A very special Valentine’s gift

In the afternoon I had to go downtown. On the road I saw a farmer who transported an outstanding gift to his wife or girl friend …

Valentine's Camiguin Style
Valentine’s Camiguin Style

Interested to share some days with us on our unique island? Here you get more information: Camiguin, the island born of fire

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