Mactan–Cebu International Airport: when the Indians clean up

Mactan–Cebu International Airport

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  1. Juerg Weber says:

    Welcome back in the good old PI’s! 🙂

    Good for Cebu.

    At Kalibo International Airport managment seems to be inexistent. On the mezzanine of the newly built Domestic Departure area, the toilets have been condemned and are not functional, the PA-System is such, that one does not understand a word and the new apron, which seems to be completet, is still not yet in proper use. Last week, our flight from Manila to KLO was delayed by one hour because of congestion at KLO :-(. Sometimes, planes that have a short turn around are being pulled back by a tractor to the new apron, parked there, just to be pulled back a while later to the old apron in front of the Terminal for the passenger to embark!!

    • waebi says:

      Thanks for the hint about the PA-System. Even I can understand the PAs in Cebu. This means that it is excellent. 😉
      Maybe CAAP should get in contact with GMR Infrastructure to look after KLO …

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