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We recently got an e-mail from a visitor of “Silent Gardens“:

You mean all the beauty of the trash what is around you? Or the smoke of innumberable fires everyday which destroy the air and makes you sick; or the dirty rivers; or the broken cities with stinky, open waste water canals???
I dont know whewer are you talking from! I think you mean Switzerland or Danemark or….!!!

[Editors comment:]
This is really a question of the point of view. It is also a question of the way how to see things. We do not say, that the things Dan wrote about, do not exist. Unfortunately! But sometimes you only have to walk a few hundred meters and the scenario changes completely.
It is one of the most important goals of “Silent Gardens” to guide visitors to the beautiful places and away from the awful spots. 

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1 Response

  1. Dan says:

    No need! But i dont like that you only tell about the good things! Here are much more bad environments than beautiful! Of course, some is also beautiful! Especially wehre are no Philippinos…!!


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