Strong Earthquake near Manila – Clark Airport damaged

Strong Earthquake near Manila at 5:11 PM – Clark Airport near Angeles City is evacuated.

All earthquake organisations are reporting a rather strong earthquake in Central Luzon. The intensity is still being calculated . The reported magnitudes are between 6.1 and 6.3.

Phivolcs reports the focus (origin) to be 14.99°N, 120.35°E – 018 km N 67° E of Castillejos (Zambales) . The UN disaster network GDACS speaks of of an M6.3 quake with focus at 40 km.

Strong Earthquake Clark Airport damaged

Friends being at Clark Airport inform us about damages and evacuation. Pieces of the ceiling did fall down and sprinklers went actives.

Strong Earthquake - people in Clark Airport are evacuating planes and waiting for instructions.
People in Clark Airport are evacuating planes and waiting for instructions.

Inside the airport building damages have been reported.

Strong Earthquake - all flights cancelled fro and to Clark Airport
All flights cancelled from and to Clark Airport

Pictures are courtesy of Stephan who is at Clark airport. Silent-Gardens will include this earthquake in its earthquake database in about 3 days. We always wait, because instant data is not secured.

Manila back to normal life?

Phivolcs reported intensities of IV to V felt in Manila. Friends report medium shaking in Quezon City and Manila. Alerts in Manila are now cancelled. MRT reports problems. People walking alongside EDSA. Fortunately it isn’t one of the Manila main-faults that is rocking.

Several Aftershocks

Phivolcs is reporting at least 14 aftershocks of the 5 o’clock earthquake. The new quakes are between magnitude 2.3 and 4.1.

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