Swiss police pushes the Philippine post

Swiss Police Lausanne

Here in the Philippines, the postman does not ring twice because he does not come at all. But the Swiss police pushes the Philippine post. This morning the postman came and brought me a letter from the police office in Lausanne, Switzerland. Incredible!

Swiss Police Lausanne


It seems that I drove a bit too fast last year.  I got a fine of CHF 40.00 (about PHP 2000.00) because I drove  4 km/h too fast on a Barangay road in the nice village of Pully on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Swiss Police Lausanne

The postman usually does not come to us to bring our mail. I can understand because he earns PHP 160.00 per day and has to pay the fuel of his motorbike. This is why I rent a post-office box. But even this box is always empty, because the post-office crammed full with anything else than mail. In December 2013 I went to the post-office to get my mail. The post-master told me that there was no mail for me. I insisted, because I knew that there must be mail.

I got very astonished when after some minutes of search, the post staff brought me 3 bundles of mail. Some letters had been there for over 18 months!

It seems that the word POLICE made the post guys run. I send a big thank you to the police in Pully / Lausanne, in Switzerland because the postman brought me also all other mail that had again been stored in the post-office. Next time I’ll go to Switzerland I’ll bring some bananas from our garden to the police officers in Pully.


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