Tropical Depression PEIPAH/Domeng stalling

Weather 2014-04-08

Tropical Depression PEIPAH/Domeng lost power and direction. The analysis of the different meteorological agencies are still divergent. 

Weather 2014-04-08

Name (INTL. / local): PEIPAH /Domeng
Class: Tropical Depression
Time/Date of observation: 05:00 PM (PST) on April 08, 2014
Location of Center: 7.2º North 131.5º East
Moving Direction and Speed: NNW @ 5 – 11 km/h
Moving towards: Eastern Visayas
Distance from the Philippines: 585 km ESE of Bislig City
Estimated Date / Time of Landfall: n/a
Max. Wind Speed near Center: 45 km/h = 24 kts
Peak Wind Gusts: 65 km/h = 35 kts
Minimum Central Pressure: 1002 hPa
Diameter: 610 km = 360 NM
24h Rainfall near Center: 2 – 450 mm
Max. Wave Height: 4.5 m = 15 ft
Here you find how to read and understand this data 

 The 24 hours animated satellite loops are here.


We recommend to check the Project Noah website. There you can find real-time information.

NOAH 2014-04-08

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