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2Go – did you know

In many ports and even on high sea you encounter the pink 2Go logo. A lot of well known ferry companies like Negros Navigation or Cebu Ferries sail  pink for now more than two years....

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E-Tickets are progressing

After the airlines now the shipping lines are moving to paperless tickets. 2Go Travel, born out of brands such as Negros Navigation, Superferry, Cebu Ferries, and Supercat, 2GO Travel has a combined history of...

2GO or not to go? 2

2GO or not to go?

We recently informed our readers about the mergers and the new common brand and Internet portal of 2GO Travel. See here: 2GO – why not?  And now we get more and more complaints, saying...

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2GO – why not?

2GO is a rather new brand in the Philippines. 2GO Group Inc. is the new name of ATS Consolidated Inc. 2GO Travel, combines together the passage services formerly Negros Navigation, SuperFerry, SuperCat and Cebu...

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