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PAL Boeing 777-300 ER 0

“Colorum” on the road and in the air

Colorum  ? Colorum is a very Pinoy word. We were told that “colorum,” is a corrupted version of the Latin phrase “saecula saeculorum” that appears usually in the ending part of a liturgical prayer. “Per omnia...

Lucio Tan 1

For sale or not for sale?

These days the local press is full of PAL stories. Is PAL (Philippine Airlines) for sale or not for sale? A few days ago, Philippines broadcaster (in American hands) announced: Lucio Tan confirms PAL...

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Bad News for SAN FERNANDO (La Union)

ZEST AIRWAYS informed customers by Skype message that the route Manila – San Fernando will be suspended. ZEST AIRWAYS launched this route about a year ago.     The content of the message: ZESTAIR...

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