For sale or not for sale?

Lucio Tan

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  1. FOREST says:

    In my opinion, PAL shot themselves out of the sky by outsourcing their key services to agencies, making those experienced employees who stayed on accept 40% salary cuts. Up to that time, PAL represented a higher quality alternative to Cebu Pacific, which seems to employ mostly kids. Now they have lowered themselves to the same level, as service has gone done 40% to match the salary cuts. This at a time when some passengers are getting tired of the deceptive advertising of promos by Cebu Pacific and the odd hours of many of their flights. PAL has improved greatly in the last ten years. I think if they had continued presenting themselves as a full service, on time line, and improved their sometimes faulty reservations website, they could have competed well with Cebu Pacific.
    As it is, the flying customer now has a choice between Jollybee and MacDonald’s.

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