“Colorum” on the road and in the air

PAL Boeing 777-300 ER

Colorum Don't know ?
Colorum is a very Pinoy word. We were told that “colorum,” is a corrupted version of the Latin phrase “saecula saeculorum” that appears usually in the ending part of a liturgical prayer. “Per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.” means “For ever and ever. Amen.”

When Masses were still said in Latin, most people just mumbled the Latin prayers without really knowing what they meant. This is why “colorum” became a slang word for poor imitation, a fake, and so on until it acquired its more recent and popular signification of anything that is illegal or unlicensed, as in a “colorum” jeepney.

LTO fights against “colorum” buses and taxis

In February 2011 the Land Transportation Office (LTO) started to track down unregistered and unlicensed, short “colorum”, vehicles in Metro Manila. Within 11 days they were able to apprehend a total of 917 persons with various violations and also provided the following breakdown:
17 un-franchised motor vehicles
78 unregistered motor vehicles taken into custody or issues traffic violation receipts
1 stolen vehicle being used for public utility transport seized from a public operator

One of the most serious problems LTO officers have to face the fact that a surprising number of violators are armed with M16 and other high-powered rifles while their own enforcers are equipped with just sidearms and handguns.

Let’s hope that LTO continues to track down these potentially dangerous and unsave vehicles and that LTO widens their operation out of Metro Manila and makes roads also roads in the provinces safer.

CAAP fights against “colorum” airplanes

We’ve heard of colorum jeepneys and buses, but colorum airplanes?
Non-registration of many of the airplanes in the country was one of the reasons the Philippines remain under Category 2 of the International Civil Aviation Office (ICAO). 
Senator Panfilo Lacson questioned CAAP director general William Hotchkiss during a Senate budget hearing.  

The financial and safety impact of these colorum airplanes is extremely high.  These aircraft do not pay any registration fees to the government.  And since they are not accounted for, there is no guarantee that they have been checked for safety and airworthiness. But a much bigger impact is the fact that Philippine airlines are not allowed to fly neither to Europe nor to the USA until ICAO and FAA declare again Category 1.

What can Philippine Airlines (PAL) do with their 3 recently acquired Boeing 777-300ER? PAL said the new planes would be fielded first to flights to Australia. If and when the country regains its category 1 status with the FAA, the plane would immediately be transferred to US flights.

PAL Boeing 777-300 ER

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