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Earthquake 2013-09-06 0

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake in the Batanes Islands

Yesterday evening at 07:33:53 p.m. a Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake shook the Batanes Group of Islands between Luzon and Taiwan. The Focus of the earthquake was in a depth of 183 km. In  Uyugan the quake was...

Kong-Rey/Nando 2013-08-27 at 11:00 0

Tropical Storm KONG-REY / Nando is moving North

Tropical Storm KONG-REY / Nando is moving North. The storm has slightly accelerated northward with no change in strength. At 11:00 a.m. Tropical Storm KONG-REY / Nando was located over the North Philippine Sea, about 185 km...

Sky-Pasada-Letov 1

Sky Pasada Letov beyond salvage?

You may remember the aircraft thet had been blown off the runway in Itbayat (Batanes) last Thursday. If not, see here: Off the runway! A friend transmitted us a picture of the aircraft in the...

WCC-map 2

Off the runway!

One of the Sky Pasada planes servicing Batanes was almost pushed off the island’s unpaved runway by unusually strong winds on Thursday. The plane flew from Basco, Batanes capital town, to Itbayat (see map)....

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