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Our blog rediscovered

Our blog rediscovered a lost contact. A few days ago I reorganized our blog so it shows the article titles in the link instead of the page number. Yesterday evening I just had a...

Nathan Allen: I Dreamed Of This 1

A Blog you should read

I believe this is the hottest reading recommendation I have ever shared: Nathan Allen’s “I Dreamed Of This”. Click the banner above to go to one of the best readings about the Philippines. Nathan...

New Silent Gardens: Weather 0

The Silent Gardens Blog is back

We are happy to inform you that the Silent Gardens Blog is back and it is working. Yesterday, while we updated the website, we had a brown-out and the whole blog went crazy. No...

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Silent Gardens and Web 2.0

Sometimes we are overrun with inquiries but also with spam and hacking attempts. But it is still a real pleasure to have a Web 2.0 website, where people can communicate with us but this...

The blog is dead – long lives the blog 3

The blog is dead – long lives the blog

Our old blog lived 4 years and 11 months. Then it became too fat. Our hosters kicked us out. So we had to look for another software, install it, test it and configure it....

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