Filipino Street Food – are you hungry?

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  1. Phil says:

    of all above pics, the only one “Filipino” dish is Kinilaw – anyway originated from South America where it is known as “civiche” – which, unfortunately, very often is “killed” with an overdose of ginger here in the Philippines……
    to call Butch’s cooking “Filipino” is a sort of offense, in my humble opinion….


    • waebi says:

      You’re right Phil. But first of all think of the geographical position of the Philippines. The Philippines are much like Malta, situated in the crossing of many cultures passing by. Sometimes these other cultures are just passing by, sometimes they are influencing and sometimes they are occupying. The last occupation left the worst influence …

      And when you look back to Europe: Spaghetti and other pasta came from China. Coffee and potatoes came from South-America some 480 years ago. Before, Europeans had been eaters of raw meat (tartar, of course) and some burnt crops they started to call bread.

      Ginger overkill: Either you like it or you hate it. Butch prepares every morning a ginger-tea. Before I get my so beloved espresso, I drink this rather spicy brewing. It gives me punch all day and the espresso then does the rest.

      I showed the article to Butch before publishing. Butch is my Girardet and Bocuse in one. She invents new menus nearly every day. We have the pleasure to taste and discuss with a good glass of wine.

      Haha – just got a “Fleischkäse” from Ingo. Excellent. It’s more fun in the Philippines, when you have some guys from the old continent around.


  2. Makato45 says:

    In respect to your comments about vegetables, I do not entirely concurr with you. Bell Peppers, for example, grow in our garden (Panay) without any problems, though they do net get as big as the imported ones.

    Furthermore, I feel that there is an aboundance of local vegetables, such as:

    – Kangkong
    – Pechay
    -Kalabasa (Squash)
    – Kondol
    – Patula
    – Gabi leaves
    – Ampalaya (bitter cucumber)
    – Sayote
    -Kamote Tops
    – Sigarillas
    – Langka
    – Green Papaya

    I am sure, that this list could be continued 🙂

    Anyway – with all the above vegetables, a good variety of succulent dishes can be prepared. These local vegetables are not expensive as well.

    Regards Makato

  3. 10538 says:

    A Thai stumbled upon your blog.

    I would not say anything since it’s not my business, except this comment you made which refer to my people.

    …Not only in the north. Anywhere in large towns and cities where you find American fast food, the local population suffers of the American overweight syndrome.I recently had been shocked to see 250 pounds Thai girls in Bangkok eating a Big M…. >>> How many of Thai weight more than 220 pounds (100 kg.). Most Thai weight around 70-80 kg. for male with around 175 cm. Female are much more less, around 40-50 with 150-160 cm. You could search any data or come see for yourself.

    So you said that …And Agness is a bit too much generalizing. She’s now in the Philippines for a few days and writes “the vast majority of Filipino kids…

    You did the same thing.

    I don’t care if what she said about Filipino food and Filipino it’s true, but I do know what you said about Thai is not right. Like I said, if you think I’m wrong, search for the data or see with yourself.

    I would not mention anything about the issue about Filipino and that Polish blogger. It’s not my business. As the same time I would appreciate if anybody mind their own business and don’t drag others into the conflict.

  4. Nomad says:


    Reading about your comparing to the neighbor like Thailand reminds me one thing: They say Filipino are full of crab mentality. It’s seems that they are correct.

    Instead of trying to prove them wrong, what you did just proves them right.

    Sterotype does not come out of thin air.

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