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Mayon Volcano 0

What is Mayon Volcano cooking?

In Daraga, Albay, on the foothills of Mount Mayon, small springs have dried up and the water supply from the Budiao spring has dropped as Mayon volcano started to act up again. When the...

crater glow 0

Mayon alert level raised to 1

PHIVOLCS has raised Mayon Volcano’s alert level to Level 1 as bluish steam emissions and  crater glow were spotted. PHIVOLCS’ resident volcanologist  said the level one  alert was hoisted on Friday afternoon after PHIVOLCS instruments noted  a...

Mayon Phreatic Event 1

A phreatic explosion on Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano  at 8:00 AM today, produced a small phreatic event that lasted about 73 seconds. The gray to brown clouds reached 500 meters above the summit and drifted west southwest. No volcanic earthquake...

Taal and Mayon volcano slightly nervous 0

Taal and Mayon volcano slightly nervous

We had stopped our status reports of 3 Philippine volcanoes, Mayon, Bulusan and Taal earlier this year, because the 3 volcanoes calmed down to nearly no  activity. But now, Mount Mayon and Taal show...

Mayon is definitely a “she”! 0

Mayon is definitely a “she”!

Volcanoes do have a sex. Grumbling Mount Hibok-Hibok is rather male. Looking always with his white and gray beard over Camiguin Island. But Mayon is definitely a female. She is nearly always hiding her...

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