Taal and Mayon volcano slightly nervous

We had stopped our status reports of 3 Philippine volcanoes, Mayon, Bulusan and Taal earlier this year, because the 3 volcanoes calmed down to nearly no  activity.

But now, Mount Mayon and Taal show again increased activity.

Mount Mayon

Mayon Volcano’s seismic network did not detected 7 volcanic earthquake during the past 48-hour observation period. Wispy to moderate emission of white steam plumes drifting northwest was observed. The crater was visible last night but no glow could be observed. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission rate on 01 November 2012 was measured at an average of 153 tonnes per day. Ground deformation survey (precise levelling) conducted last 07-11 August 2012 indicated a slight inflation of the edifice as compared with 01-04 May 2012 survey. GPS and Tilt data from January to October this year indicate a slight inflation and deflation of the edifice at the lower and upper slopes, respectively.

Taal volcano

Taal Volcano’s seismic network recorded 20 volcanic earthquakes during the past 48-hour observation period. Field measurements conducted on 06 November 2012 at the eastern sector of the Main Crater Lake yielded slight decrease in water temperature of 33.4°C from 33.6°C, an increase in water level of 1.34 meters from 1.17 meters and slight increase in acidity of pH 2.71 from pH 2.86. Ground deformation survey (precise levelling) in the Volcano Island on 02-11 October indicated slight deflation compared with July 2012. GPS data for the period of February 2011 to October 2012 show no substantial changes in ground deformation recently, although the edifice is still slightly inflated compared to February 2011 baseline data. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission at the Main Crater Lake increased to 627 tonnes per day on 07 July 2012 compared to 482 tonnes per day last 18 October 2011.

Source: Phivolcs Link

If this increased activity continues in the next days, we shall resume our daily reports on our main website here Link and here Link.

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