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Visa and Money – be prepared

Visa and Money should be cared of before the year’s end. During almost 10 days nothing official will work in the Philippines – and elsewhere.   While you can get money from ATMs, if...

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Bureau of Immigration is very busy

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) had been very busy during the last weeks. There are two new regulations, one belonging to foreign expatriates and longtime tourists the other one aiming Filipino tourists. Foreign expatriates...

ECC and ACR-I 2

Philippines Tourists Information

The Bureau of Immigration has released a flyer with information about Visa, Exit Clearance Certificate and Procedures: That’s nothing new but is worth to publish again and again. Short time tourists up to 59...

New long-time tourist visa available 0

New long-time tourist visa available

Foreigners intending to stay longer in the country may now avail of a six-month, long-stay tourist visa that will be launched next week by the  Bureau of Immigration (BI). 14 June 2013 BI Commissioner...

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Fake visa extension stamps

Be careful with your visa extension. A Japanese national got caught with fake visa extension in his passport. Mr. H.Y. went to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) main office in Intramuros, Manila to have his...

Fast changing visa regulations for overstaying 0

Fast changing visa regulations for overstaying

On March 11 the Bureau of Immigration closed its counter at Manila NAIA. “The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has advised departing foreign tourists that they can update their stay only at the bureau’s main...

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