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The Bureau of Immigration has released a flyer with information about Visa, Exit Clearance Certificate and Procedures:


That’s nothing new but is worth to publish again and again. Short time tourists up to 59 days never or almost never encounter problems with the Bureau of Immigration. Those staying longer, may encounter some problems. 

Please do not forget that the Philippines are an exotic land with exotic laws and exotic behavior. Things that are common sense in your country are strange rules in the Philippines and vice versa. 

Please read the official paper again and have a nice stay.
You may want to visit the official website of the Bureau of Immigration: Link

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2 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    …wasn’t the Exit Clearance due only after a stay of more than 6 months? Up to 6 months, no exit clearance was requested so far…. Anything changed?


    • waebi says:

      Rather strange. I don’t know whether a tourist who stayed more than 59 days now really needs an exit clearance certificate.
      Several sources told me that one can get it now in 5 to 15 minutes at Manila and Cebu airport for PHP 1200 (Certficate fee PHP 700, Express lane PHP 500).
      I’ll inquire …

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