Fast changing visa regulations for overstaying

On March 11 the Bureau of Immigration closed its counter at Manila NAIA.
“The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has advised departing foreign tourists that they can update their stay only at the bureau’s main and field offices and not at the airports or their ports of exit.
According to the BI chief, he issued the order to prevent the government from being shortchanged as any immigration officer at the airport can charge a foreigner visa extension fees but pocket the money instead of remitting it to the bureau’s coffers.”

On May 5 the Bureau of Immigration re-opened the counter at Manila NAIA.
“In a move to make immigration rules more-friendly to foreigners, the Bureau of Immigration recently eased requirements on foreign tourists who overstay in the country.
BI Commissioner Marcelino C. Libanan recently issued an order to allow foreigners who overstayed for not more than three days to pay extension fees at the airports. This order amends a rule that extension fees should be paid only at the BI main and field offices and not at the airports. Extension fees are paid by foreign nationals who overstay before they are allowed to leave the country.”


Our advice: Get your visa extension before your current visa expires. Best place to get the extension is in a field office and not in Metro Manila.
For a list of BI Field Offices see here: VISA – IMMIGRATION Link

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