The Google Paradox

This morning we got a feedback from a traveller:

” Thanks to all involved who wrote the NAIA airport guides. Using the information provided, we passed the arrival, transfer and departure without problems! Never thought it was so easy. The guides are just perfect! “

This makes us happy. We already had found that, since the last Google review in mid June 2008, our Airport Guides got more visitors. When we checked the key words leading to us, we found:

NAIA Airport Guide: position #3 in
Manila Airpot Guide: position #9 in

We then studied the content of the top ranking guides and got shocked. 
Either there is nearly no content (e.g.
or the information was simply wrong (e.g. 

The later write: “Airport Taxes: Airport departure tax is usually included in the ticket price. Enquire at the time of ticketing.

You know it better: Terminal fee at Manila International is PHP 750.00

We will continue to provide you with verified and up to date information.

Google’s ranking is based on an algorithm. The program can not understand what it reads and can not decide whether the information true or wrong. Sorry for Google. No comment

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