The luggage problem in Manila’s NAIA Airport


The luggage problem in Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (short: NAIA) makes headache to so many passengers. There are (nearly) no possibilities to leave your luggage for a few hours at the airport.

Nearly weekly we get inquiries about where one can leave luggage for a few hours. Or we get not so friendly remarks as if we were MIAA – the Manila International Airport Authority.

A friendly reader of Silent Gardens wrote: Please can you point out on the website that the interline baggage room is NOT available for use by passengers transferring from another terminal. I had an extremely frustrating pointless journey from the Zest Air terminal to the international terminal and went through all the effort to gain a pass to get into the airport only to be told they would not accept the baggage (I was hoping to leave overnight and pick up the following day before my international flight)

The Problems:

  1. There is only one official Luggage hold facility. It is in NAIA-3 and is called Luggage & More (see here:
  2. There are also baggae rooms in NAIA-1 and NAIA-2. But they are not marked and you only can fin them when you ask staff. MIAA did never answer our inquiry about these rooms.
  3. The biggest problem is: You only can have access to these rooms when you landed in this terminal or when you have a departure ticket from this terminal.

The Solution: 

  1. The security problem is not that big. Your luggage is always x-rayed when you enter a terminal. And when you arrive, your baggage had been controlled at your aiport of departure.
  2. If NAIA’s management only could decide to create an inside transfer by bus! The roads exist, buses exist, but there seems to be no will! Why? 
  3. NAIA-Bus
    The yellow line shows the secured airport zone. The red line shows our suggested bus-line from NAIA-1 to NAIA-3. 
  4. Six or eight buses should be enough. The roads never cross a runway and only at the Old Domestic Airport, now called NAIA-4 and at NAIA-2 they share space with aircrafts.
  5. Investments? Very, very low! Some reorganization inside the terminal buildings, maybe some new doors and some used buses from Korea, China or Japan.
  6. And then last but not least create luggage holds in each terminal. The luggage holds give a special ticket to the traveler, so he can enter the airport without having to depart from this terminal.

So, why don’t they do it? Don't know

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