TripAdvisor – exception confirms the rule


TripAdvisor and other rating portals can be useful when planning a journey. They even can be funny when you look for the lonely complaint.

 I dedicate this pictures to all our friends who got that one bad rating!


I am also happy to see that 2 B&Bs/inns out of the 25 best in the Philippines are from Camiguin. And they aren’t lost in the rating, they are on Places #1 and #3.
#1 is Jérôme’s “Somewhere else”. My sincere congratulations go to our neighbor Jérôme
#3 is Evelyn & Jim’s “Casa Roca”. Sorry, I am not astonished  😆

TripAdvisor – The lonely bad rating

“Somewhere Else” got a lonely bad rating:

Tripadvisor: Somewhere else

Take care to Jérôme, in case of problème with cebu pacific, it is impossible to get refund.
The airport is small so when the weather is not good, windy the flight si cancelled and Jérôme does not care about it. So the best recommandation is not to pay all the nights you plan to stay.
Guys who booked nights did not get refund whereas Jérôme had already found new guest so double money!!!!!
So take care…..
This guy, a French national, must have had communication problems.

“Casa Roca” is still escaping the lonely bad rating:

Tripadvisor: Casa Roca
Casa Roca Stay Zen !

“Nypa Style Resort” also got a lonely bad rating:

Tripadvisor: Nypa Style Resort
Poor quality and expensive
Very sad that the quality is very poor and information given by the Italian owner very misleading. Nipa huts are too expensive for the low quality, termites are present, electrical wires dangerous and not in standards, and can hear noise from their dogs. Be aware they have many dogs so if you allergic like me then their respond is “too bad for you”! They dont mention about it in their website and be aware of their noise so you cant rest during the day. Food is very low quality and breakfast are so expensive! 185 pesos for breakfast for instant nestle coffee (so bad and coast 5 pesos), apple form China, juice from the can, and bread! they dont use fresh ingredients from the island and they serve always the same. after few days. We moved to Geiko resort with much better equability and better food….
This guy has a problem. His only other review of a restaurant I know very well, does not match our observations. He should write in his mother tongue.

TripAdvisor – Some remarks

These remarks belong not only to TripAdvisor. They can be applied to any rating e.g. Agoda, and others.

  1.  Ratings are a very subjective matter. It depends on many factors whether the rating is good or bad. It already happened to me writing a bad review because I had been in a bad mood.
  2. Review writers: If you aren’t happy with your hotel or restaurant, try to talk to the owner or manager. Don’t accuse! Ask why and explain your dissatisfaction. Then listen. Very often real wonders happen.
  3. Owners and managers: Listen to your guests concerns. Most problems are little things to resolve or recover. If you get a really bad review, read it, then sleep at least one night before answering.  Write a short answer. Do neither excuse* or accuse, simply state your point of view.
  4. Read the recent reviews and then compare with some older ones. You may detect a positive or negative trend.

* If it had been really your or your staff’s fault then write a private letter to apologize. Do not publish.



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  1. Arno says:

    Of course there IS some truth in that last review. Read that last line. The one with the typo in the name

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