Camiguin vs. Langkawi Part 5 – the end

Camiguin vs .Langkawi

Camiguin vs. Langkawi had to wait. Here in Camiguin we had all kinds of weather last week. Thunderstorms, floods and sunshine changed in a furious rhythm.

Camiguin vs. Langkawi – The mountains

When it comes to mountains, Camiguin is the winner. 7 volcanoes, one them active, and peaks reaching as high as 1,552 meter. One can climb/hike up to all these mountains in Camiguin, but one need’s a rather good physical condition. The view into the crater of Mount Hibok-Hibok is interesting and if weather is good, one can see the surrounding islands of Mindanao, Bohol, Panglao, Pamilacan, sometimes Siquijor and to the east the mountains of southern Leyte.

Langkawi is also mountainous but its hills reach only 700 and 850 meters. The big advantage of Langkawi’s hills is their accessibility. The top of Gunung Raya (850 m) you can reach on an almost good road. But on the top you get frustrated! Two resorts do not let you go to the highest point. To have a view on the surrounding islands, you have to an entrance fee for an observation tower. Be careful when stopping on the roadside to enjoy the view. The forests are full of monkeys that are extremely curious and approach you as single animals or in flocks of then and more.

The second hill in Langkawi is more stunning. The entrance for the Langkawi cable-car, which takes visitors all the way up to Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak,  is located in The Oriental Village. At around 700 meters above sea level, the cable car reaches the first station, where you disembark to either; take another cable car up to the peak, or lull around the observatory deck and admire the magnificent surroundings. The cable car had been built nd is maintained by renowned Austrian/Swiss company Doppelmayr. One of the island’s highlights, it is a 140 meters long curved pedestrian bridge above Mount Mat Cinchang. It had been under maintenance when we had been up there.

Camiguin vs .Langkawi The entrance of the cable-car. A feeling of “déjà vu”, but the skis are missing and there are more head scarfs than in Gstaad.

Camiguin vs .Langkawi A wonderful view and outstanding transportation technology on Mount Mat Cincang

Camiguin vs .Langkawi The Sky-Bridge up on Mount Mat Cincang (Photo courtesy of

Camiguin vs .Langkawi View from Mount Hibok-Hibok on White Island and Bohol – after a 3 hours tough hike uphill

Camiguin vs. Langkawi – Attractions

At the foothills of Mount Mat Cincang, lies the quaint Oriental Village. A collection of more than 50 activity & adventure providers; fast-food shops and restaurants; souvenir and retail stores; galleries and spas, the Oriental Village offers a quality day-out of fun, adventure, shopping and gastronomic delights at one location! In our eyes a small copy of any American adventure park. We encountered even the Ducks, amphibious vehicles which were designed for army use. You better take them in Boston, MA.

Camiguin vs .Langkawi The Ducks – Quack, Quack!

Hopefully Camiguin will again see the famous Hummer Tours before Summer 2015 …
Camiguin Hummer Tours Camiguin Hummer Tours

There many, maybe too many of these tourist attractions in Langkawi. I already wrote that nature is wonderful, but you are almost not able to discover without having to take a guided tour and of course, having to pay for. One thing we liked is free and could also be an attraction at Mambajao’s Old Parola: The Dataran Lang at Kuah’s Jetty. Dataran Lang, also known as Eagle Square, is a 12 meter tall sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight.

Camiguin vs .Langkawi The Dataran Lang

Camiguin vs. Langkawi – Diving

I like diving in Camiguin. Our island is a diver’s paradise. Whether you dive just off the shores or if you go on a short boat trip, you will encounter extremely clear waters and a great variety of species. In most dive spots the adventure starts already ad snorkeling depth.

There are no diving spots in Langkawi Island itself. You have to go to Pulau Payar Marine Park Group of islands. They are located about 30km south east of Langkawi Island and North of Penang. There are many dive operators on Langkawi who can get you there during a $$$ day trip. The diving there is good but nothing spectacular.

Camiguin Balbagon CoralsDiving in Camiguin

Colorful WorldCamiguin’s “Black Forest” Dive site just off the beaches of Agoho

Camiguin vs. Langkawi – incomparable!

The two tropical islands of similar size are extremely different. Camiguin is the island to relax, to be immersed by nature and to dive. There is almost no night life and good restaurants you can count with one hand. Camiguin is a real tropical paradise except in December and January.
Langkawi is extremely developed. Even if you mix Boracay, El Nido and Panglao you will get no more than an idea of Langkawi. We very much appreciated the cleanliness, the big choice of good restaurants and hotels and the 3 golf courses.

Camiguin vs .Langkawi A place we very much liked on Langkawi island

It has been funny for a week in Langkawi, but we prefer our lovely small island lost in the Bohol Sea – Camiguin.


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