Tubbataha Reef – wreck removal already stalled

USS Guardian Wreck

We reported yesterday that the wreck removal operation of USS Guardian at the Tubbataha Reef were starting. This morning we learned that the operation had to be suspended because of turbulent sea conditions.

USS Guardian WreckHigh waves and stong water currents prevented the giant crane ship SMIT Borneo from anchoring close to the wreck of the minesweeper.

Authorities also announced they have decided to wait for the arrival of another crane ship, the JASCON 25, from Singapore before resuming salvage operations. They estimated that JASCON 25 would arrive in the area on February 16. Meanwhile, the clearing works on board of the USS Guardian continue. Navy specialists are clearing the ship of any items, which can be removed without the need of heavy gear.

Jascon 25

The expected Jascon 25 is a pipe-lay crane vessel under the flag of Gibraltar. It’s current position is  1.2340° / 103.9697° (Map) and its ETA is 2013-02-16 at 17:00. The ship can operate in shallow water because its draught is only 4.5 meters.

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  1. February 18, 2013

    […] As announced on February 11, the pipe-lay crane ship JASCON 25 has arrived at Tubbataha Reef. The JASCON 25, a dynamic positioning crane,  does not need to anchor, so it is expected to be able to operate where the other crane, SMIT Borneo, could not. It also has a higher lifting capacity, needed to remove some sections of USS Guardian. […]

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