White Island the moving Sandbar of Camiguin seen from the Sky

White Island

White Island the moving sandbar of Camiguin fascinates indigenous people and tourists.

When you go to White Island, you feel that its shape has changed. Each time you go there, you find one or two islands depending on the tides. The shape changes from an L to a W and even to a Euro sign €.
When you hike up the mountains you see the different shapes depending on the season. I always thought that we should have a geostationary satellite that transmits a picture each day. Such a movie would be outstanding.

OK, we do not have such a satellite. But we have Sean! Sean is the pilot and owner of Camiguin Aviation. His plane, an ‘American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB’ is equipped with several cameras inside and outside. And Sean does only rarely do straight forward flights. He and his bird prefer aerobatics. During this breath-taking flights, the cameras record White Islands from the craziest  angels.

Too many words. Check out Sean’s latest movie. If you have a good Internet connection you may enjoy the movie full screen in full HD. Just hit the small symbol in the lower right corner of the movie window.


You wanna see and feel yourself. You can contact Sean here:

Camiguin Aviation 

White Island

The white sandbar called “White Island” by tourists and “Medano” by the indigenous people is perfect for kite boarding. This small island continuously changes its shape and adapts to winds. There is always a wavy beach on the wind side and a quiet lagoon on the opposite side. During the Amihan season,  the calm side lays in the west towards Old Vulcan Daan. Now, during the Habagat season, it is quiet on the eastern side. And the best of all: there aren’t hundreds of kites in the air. Only your’s and those of your friends.

Kiteboarding Kiteboarding

White Island is also a diver’s paradise.

The White Island Reef in the west of the sandbar and “Black Forest” in the east are wonderful dive spots.  Earlier this summer this “butanding” or whale shark surprised our friends from the Camiguin Action Geckos in the vicinity of White Island.

ButandingPhoto courtesy of Axel Bode @ Camiguin Action Geckos

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