A new restaurant in the culinary desert

Nypa Style Ristorante in Camiguin

There is hope! We have a new restaurant in the culinary desert also known as Camiguin Island.

Yesterday we got a text from Stefano, the owner of the Nypa Style Resort & Restaurant. See here Link and here Link

He informed us that they offer fresh, home made gnocchi for dinner. Being fond of true Italian food, we accepted the offer with pleasure.

The resort and restaurant is situated in a clearing in the forest above barangay Bug-ong. We did much appreciate the restaurant which is exclusively built with indigenous materials. We also liked very much the warm welcome of the owners Stefano & Ilenia as well as the friendly service of the staff. 

 Nypa Style Ristorante in Camiguin

The menu card is short and hand-written on a blackboard. This is always a good sign, because you always get freshly made surprises. Restaurants with thick menu cards often prepare food weeks ahead, freeze it and serve you micro-waved mass food.

Nypa Style Ristorante Menu Board

The Venetian origins of the owners is promising. The excellent meal was crowned by a real espresso (not American brown water) and every one got a glass of Limoncello.

We now hopefully wait for the next text message announcing Fegato alla Veneziana Wink

The only little problem for now is that the restaurant is open only with previous reservation. So you have to call or to send a text to +63 947 181 0196 or +63 921 638 3709.

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