Solar Energy Initiative

This morning we got an interesting e-mail and were asked to publish its content. We do it with pleasure.

Due to many brownouts and rising electricity cost
I like to gather interested people for buying a solar system.
I have made lots of research and found I believe the right
equipment like panels, inverter and batteries.
If we can get say more than 3 parties together we can have 
better buying power and better service.
Can you publish my request in your website?
you can put my email and cell number also.
Interested person can contact me, and we can have a meeting 
at my place in Agoho, discussing any questions.
Vielen Dank
Christian Bolz
upper Agoho
cell no. 09206644444

Maybe you have already seen our article from May 14, 2013 Link . It happens that Christian lives in the same barangay as we do – Agoho on Camiguin Island. So he will  have at least one team mate. 

We’ll inform you about the progress of the project. Thump up

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