Already 368 earthquakes in the Philippines in 2014

EQ 2014-03-21

Since January 1st, 2014 we counted 368 earthquakes in the Philippines.
324 quakes were weak (Magnitude less than 4), 44 quakes were medium (Magnitude between 4 an 6), 0 quakes were strong (Magnitude greater than 6). Average number of earthquakes per day is: 4.7 – Average magnitude is: 3.2 – Average depth is: 34 km

EQ 2014-03-21

   Magnitude ≥ 6 Magnitude ≥ 6    6 > Magnitude ≥ 5 6 > Magnitude ≥ 4    Magnitude < 4 Magnitude < 4    Latest earthquake Latest earthquake

The interactive earthquake map and the database are here.


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