Awful Qmiles – will Qatar Airways be again the airline of the year


Qmiles is the often-flyer program of Qatar Airways. Our crew often flies with Qatar Airways because their in-flight service is good and their arrival time in Europe meets our needs.

The Oryx Lounge in the Premium Terminal in Doha is a real pleasure. The restaurant offers fine food and drinks, one can relax or communicate without being disturbed. The staff’s performance is excellent.


But if you want  redeem your many, many accumulated miles, you are frustrated. Either you have stop overs of 18 to 22 hours in Doha or you have to spend double Qmiles for better flights or there are no seats at all.

[Editor’s comment:] I am gold member LOL! But our next flights to good old Europe we have booked with Thai Airways. We simply do not want to hang 18 hours around in Doha or arrive late in the evening. I am frustrated about Qatar’s care of gold members. I wonder, if they will again airline of the year in 2013.

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