Selfie Season Boracay 2014


Boracay is known as the “Party-Island”. What do you bring home from a party? A “Selfie” of course. 

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Selfie Stick

The great runner to be seen by ten thousands is the “Selfie Stick“.The trend for cameras on sticks, also known as monopods, isn’t new and a number of sticks are already available for digital cameras from companies. But monopods designed especially for smartphones, however, were unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress, including a Samsung version from Chinese firm Winners’ Sun Plastic Electronics. It is a trend that’s especially popular in Asia, including Indonesia. Boracay seems to have the highest density of “Selfie Stick” allover Asia.

On White Beach in Boracay 100 or even a thousand of vendors sell this “Ego Enhancers”. The vendor’s prices start at PHP 1,500 or even 1,600. With a bit of luck, one can bargain down to PHP 1,100. I have never seen a vendor going below this magic limit.

On the other hand one can buy the same stick in the shops inside the old Talipapa market. There the price is PHP 650 and can be discussed down to 600.

It’s funny to observe all these ego-shooters on the beach …

Getting ready …
… and shoot !
Nearly an aerial photo
You needn’t be a beauty
Wow! A GoPro Hero on a stick
The classical way is enough for this classic beauty
No Selfie-Stick
I need an underwater “Selfie Stick” guaranteed stainless steel – haha


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